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At our academy, we're committed to providing the best possible environment for young players to develop their skills and love for the beautiful game.

Ontario Soccer's Long Term Player Development (LTPD) is a comprehensive program designed to guide players through the various stages of their soccer journey. From grassroots to high-performance levels, this plan provides a pathway for players to achieve their full potential.

Using Ontario Soccer's LTPD, we have developed our academy's player development pathway. Click image to enlarge.

To review the Ontario Grassroots Standards PDF & Talented Pathway, click the links below.

Ontario Soccer Grassroots Standards

Talented Pathway


Pathway Overview

We are committed to providing a positive, fun, and challenging environment that fosters the growth and development of our young players.

Our player pathway begins at U4 level, where players are being introduced to soccer. We offer programs up to the U14 level. The key stages of the recreational pathway are outlined below. For more information on our Competitive and Skill Development programs, please visit the relevant pages. 


Active Start (Ages 4 - 6)

Soccer contributes to the well-being of children by engaging them in the sport while teaching them basic movements. At this introductory level, the objective is to get them moving and to keep active while introducing them to the ball in a fun environment.

For: Players with little to no soccer experience

Why: Provide early opportunities for children to learn basic soccer elements.

Coaching Program: Training in Physical Literacy and familiarity with the ball.

  • Physical — Provide the environment for learning proper fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing and catching.
  • Technical — The player and the ball: Running with the ball, dribbling, controlling, kicking and shooting.
  • Mental — Fun, fascination and passion for play.
  • Game Structure: None competitive games - 3v3 or 4v4 with small nets and no goalkeepers

Fundamentals (Ages 7 - 9)

At this stage, individual player development is paramount. Coaches will create a stimulating learning environment where the atmosphere is Freedom and Fun. There are two levels in Fundamentals. Level 1 (Fundamentals: Grassroots) is for players who completed Active Start. When players complete Level 1, they  progress to Level 2 (Fundamentals: Development).

Why: Provide early opportunities for children to learn basic soccer elements.

Coaching Program: Training in Physical Literacy and familiarity with the ball.

  • Physical - Develop the ABCs of movement: agility, balance, coordination and speed, as well as running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing and catching.
  • Technical - Movement exercises/games designed to promote a feel for the ball: gaining ball control in receiving passes, dribbling, passing less than 25m, kicking the ball forward, and shooting on goal.
  • Tactical - Small children are egocentric - playing the ball is the most important objective. However, they now need to be introduced to cooperation between players. They gain understanding of the game through playing situations.
  • Mental - Basic awareness of environment to build game intelligence and decision-making.
  • Game Structure - 5v5 with small nets

Learn to Train (Ages 10 - 12)

Players begin to identify with famous players and successful teams, and they want to learn imaginative skills. Skill demonstration is very important, and the players learn best by “doing.” Players move from self-centered to self-critical, and they have a high stimulation level during basic skills training. This is also an important time to teach basic principles of play and to establish a training ethic and discipline. Repetitions are important to develop technical excellence, but creating a fun and challenging environment is still essential for stimulating learning.

Why: Player development and talent identification

Coaching Program: Technical and Tactical

  • Physical - This is an optimal window for coaching speed, flexibility and skills.
  • Technical - Building a greater repertoire of soccer related movements; technical skills are developed in training and within the context of basic soccer games.
  • Tactical - Developing environment awareness and encouraging decision-making: simple combinations, marking and running into space.
  • Mental - Golden age of learning; intrinsic motivation is developed by the Fun and Enjoyment that foster desire to play imagination, creativity, increased demands, discipline.
  • Game Structure - 7v7 and 9v9 with appropriate sizes nets.

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Our Coaches

Our coaching staff is passionate about the game of soccer. Our Academy boasts coaches who not only excel at teaching the finer points of the game, but also have exceptional people-skills as well. We are confident that our coaches stack up well against those at the very best clubs in the area.

  • ACADEMY HEAD COACH: Darren Tilley
  • ACADEMY COACH: Chris McLean


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