Welcome to our Academy!

We are very pleased to see that you may be interested in our new Ontario Recognized Academy. Our goal is to be the best and most affordable academy in our region. Our soccer academy is a bit different from others in that we start from the position of having a private school (St. Jude’s Academy) as our base. All students in the soccer program at St. Jude’s Academy automatically get trained by the professional coaches of St. Jude’s FC. This gives us a great base from which to build upon. Students from the school are considered recreational players unless they elect to play competitively.

The school already has competitive teams which perform at a high level. These teams are being moved to St. Jude’s FC to compete against the other academies in our new league.

We are starting out as a Tier 2 Academy, but don’t let the title fool you. Tier 2 does not mean that the quality of instruction is any lower than it would be for a Tier 1 team. There was a very limited window of opportunity to get the Academy established, and being a Tier 2 team at first allowed us to get our foot in the door. We will upgrade to a Tier 1 team as soon as we are able and we are working hard to get the business side of the Academy rocking so that this upgrade can happen soon.

We are confident that if you give our Academy the opportunity to train your son or daughter, we will prove to you that you have entrusted them to a great program that achieves the goals you are hoping to see. They should have a great time playing the game, while developing their skills so that they can progress as far as their desire and skill can take them.