A Message From Our Technical Director

May 14, 2021

Hello St. Jude’s Parents and Players,

I hope everyone is well and not too stressed out having to deal with yet another lockdown and all the problems that brings. It’s just over thirteen months now since the Academy had its last training session at The Dome. It was Sunday March 8th, 2020 and at the end of it I remember walking out of The Dome with Coach Alan and Coach Chris talking about how we were really looking forward to the upcoming outdoor season. I had already put together the programs which included some exciting new ideas and we couldn’t wait to start them.  Little did we know then there would be no outdoor season or indeed a following indoor season. Twice the Provincial Government stated a date when restrictions would be relaxed to allow soccer training, twice we set a date for a return to training, and twice before that date arrived the Government re-instated restrictions banning soccer. It was like “one step forward, two steps back” and very frustrating for all of us involved at St. Jude’s FC including, I’m sure, players and parents.

Fast forward to today and we are in our third lockdown and still no soccer, so what are our plans going forward? Outdoor programs are ready, the coaches are ready, all our support staff are ready and as soon as we have a date when a return to training is allowed it will be “all systems go” to get the players back on the field doing what they enjoy, playing soccer. We won’t have to wait for Mississauga opening up its fields as we have our own outdoor turf field so we can start on Day 1. All the required protocols for a safe return to training will be in place so you can be assured that not only will the players be getting their usual high quality coaching St. Jude’s FC is renowned for but it will be in a COVID-safe environment.

All of us at St. Jude’s FC understand the frustration parents and players must be going through not knowing when the Academy will re-open and we appreciate your patience, but please be assured we are experiencing those very same frustrations and we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that we are ready when the day finally comes that the restrictions are lifted and we can get back out on the field.

The Ontario Soccer Association is working hard putting pressure on the Provincial Government to re-instate soccer  and I will keep you all updated on any new developments and would be glad to answer, or put you in contact with the right person to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at technicaldirector@stjudesfc.com

We are all hopeful that it won’t be too long before the restrictions will be relaxed, and we are ready and excited at the prospect that once again we will be out on the field kicking a ball around.

If you have already booked your place for the indoor program, your spot is then secured for the upcoming outdoor season. If you weren’t able to register for the prior season now is the time to do so, ensuring your place is secured prior to our open registration in the upcoming months.

Once again thank you for your great patience and understanding.

Allan Wilson

Technical Director